Data Breach Ready

However small, are you ready for a data breach?

It’s inevitable that you’ll experience a data breach at some point in the future. You need to plan for a worst-case scenario. How you act and how quickly you react will earn you brownie points with the ICO, potentially saving you money by avoiding fines. That means, all staff must be aware of the procedures and protocol in containing, reporting and documenting the breach. 

Be Data Breach Ready and here’s how… 

What’s included?

Our Data Breach Readiness package includes: 

  • Hour long consultation and fact-finding exercise with an ISO and IBITGQ expert 
  • Help with drafting a Data Breach Procedure Policy 
  • Data breach log template 
  • Advice on how to communicate the procedures to all staff 

What the law requires 

GDPR Article 33, Recital 87 states: 

“It should be ascertained whether all appropriate technological protection and organisational measures have been implemented to establish immediately whether a personal data breach has taken place and to inform promptly the supervisory authority and the data subject. The fact that the notification was made without undue delay should be established taking into account in particular the nature and gravity of the personal data breach and its consequences and adverse effects for the data subject. Such notification may result in an intervention of the supervisory authority in accordance with its tasks and powers laid down in this Regulation.” 

Additional terms 

  • This does not include an assessment of your technical and organisational measures but provides a procedural response and management framework to implement. 

If you would like to discuss your personal requirements, feel free to contact us for an informal chat.

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