PECR Audit


In 2018, the PECR were updated to introduce director liability for serious breaches of the rules. The maximum fine for such breaches is £500,000.

Our PECR Audit is just what you need to make sure your business is protected from fines, and the reputational damage that can come with non-compliance.

Our IBITGQ accredited data protection practitioners will work with your team to identify all electronic communications activity undertaken by the business including by telephone, email and fax.

They will then assess all practices for PECR compliance, consolidating their findings and recommendations for compliance in a PECR Audit Report.

Costs increase for businesses with over 250 staff, and may increase with particularly complex operations. Please contact us for more information.

Your PECR Audit

  • Half day visit or remote consultation with an ISO and IBITGQ accredited expert to assess current operations
  • A full PECR Compliance Diagnostic for your business
  • A full website Cookie Audit
  • A table of recommendations to inform your PECR Compliance Action Plan
  • 2 hours after-care and support with any questions and findings
  • A 10% client discount on future products and services



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  • Release Date: 03 January, 2019

  • Price: £1,650.00

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