The smarter way to approach 

data protection compliance

We can help you achieve and maintain data protection compliance
in the simplest, quickest and most affordable way.

 Smart solutions

We've created new tools and approaches to help you get compliant in the best way.

 Pragmatic approach

We know the direction. We're experienced, focussed and hands-on at getting the job done.

 Affordable pricing

We use technology to bring down the cost of compliance - OnTrack GDPR is the jewel in our crown.

reliable partners

We prioritise our relationships and build long term partnerships with our clients built on trust. 

Our mission

Continuing developments in data protection law will have many businesses struggling with compliance. Privacy is a growing concern for consumers, too, and it's affecting their spending decisions. 

But compliance isn't an easy nut to crack. The learning curve is steep and until now, the solutions on offer have been traditional and costly. Worse still, most solutions aren't solutions at all. They tick a box but don't ensure operational compliance.

SmarterData was set up to develop pragmatic, affordable solutions for businesses. Solutions that will develop their understanding and change the way they view and manage personal data for good.

In 2020 we launched OnTrack GDPR - GDPR compliance management software built specifically for small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

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What our customers say

Finance Director

Acclaim Contracts Ltd

“It has been so nice to work with a consultant that speaks our language. By continuing with the monthly support package I feel we can relax knowing we have expert advice on call should we need it”

Managing Director

Lynwood Electricals Ltd

“Really great service, finally understanding what GDPR actually means.

Great communication and nothing’s a problem”  

Account Manager

Couno Ltd

“I found the training very beneficial and would definitely recommend to other companies. Both facilitators were extremely welcoming and helpful throughout”