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Getting started on your compliance journey can feel overwhelming but it doesn't need to. Check out our innovative approach to getting you OnTrack.

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Organising compliance

One traditional approach to sorting compliance is to get an audit or GDPR Gap Analysis carried by a third-party consultant. But for many business owners and managers this can just add salt to the wound.

  • For a nice chunk of cash you end up with a very long report to read, and a static to-do list as long as your arm. 
  • The task becomes bigger and you've made no real progress, adding to the feeling of overwhelm.
  • If a breach were to happen the day after receiving your Gap Analysis report, it would do very little to protect your business.

Our solution

We carry out our assessments and audits in the same way as we would for a traditional GDPR Gap Analysis. But instead of creating a hefty document, we create a shared set of compliance records to start work on. We do this using our platform OnTrack GDPR.

At the end of the Gap & Onboard process you'll have a record keeping framework in place that includes a Data Register, Data Processor Log, Retention Schedule and Data Breach Log. 

Importantly, if a breach were to happen the day after your OnTrack GDPR account was set-up, it would do far more to protect your business than a standard Gap Analysis.

OnTrack Gap & Onboard costs

We will use the information gleaned from our GDPR consultation to set-up and populate your OnTrack GDPR account. You can choose to manage your own records from that point on, or sign up to a monthly support package.

  • Total cost - £2,250 - £3,750*
  • Get ongoing monthly support for just £345/pcm*

*All prices are ex-VAT

What's included?

  • A remote, half day consultation with an ISO and IBITGQ accredited expert to assess current operations
  • OnTrack GDPR account set-up including adding identified processing activity, data processors and processing records.
  • A set of clear recommendations that are added to your OnTrack account Task Manager, ready for action.
  • Proceed with our OnTrack Support Package, or manage your new account on your own - it's entirely up to you.

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