Data protection team training

Providing data protection training to your team is required by law, and perhaps not as easy to organise as it sounds.

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Training pitfalls

Your team will be handling personal data on a daily basis. This presents a risk to your business if they're not trained in data protection. It's very easy to breach or make a mistake when expectations aren't clear.

Organising team training might seem like one of the easier compliance tasks to tick off. But, there are some pitfalls you should be aware of:

  • Training needs to be specific to your company and operations. Off the shelf products are unlikely to cut the mustard.
  • One size doesn't fit all. Colleagues working in different departments or at different levels need different things.
  • Training isn't a one-off exercise either. Not only does it have to be regularly refreshed you'll also need to think about new starters.

Our solution

You need a flexible training solution that can be delivered remotely in an affordable way. We've got just what you need for one affordable set-up fee, and an ongoing monthly subscription.

We carry out an initial training consultation to establish what it is you need. We then work to design and build you a custom, online portal using the Teachable platform. Your portal will include a range of training modules, videos and resources. It can also be added to and amended over time.

Using this approach, you can deliver custom training plans for individual teams members, and document their learning. As the training portal is available to you on an ongoing basis training new starters, or adapting training for staff moving within the Company becomes a doddle.

Data protection team training costs

We charge an up-front fee for the initial consultation and to set-up your custom training portal. We then charge a per-user fee on a monthly basis to maintain access to your portal and to provide ongoing support,

  • Initial Consultation & Set-Up - £999*
  • Monthly subscription - £149 flat fee + £3 per employee user*
  • Additional 1-2-1 training support - £60 per hour*

*All prices are ex-VAT.

What's included?

  • 1 hour pre-training consultation and planning session to ensure the training meets the needs of your team
  • Custom training portal set-up by an IBITGQ accredited expert at your business premises
  • Customised training presentation, agendas and exercises based on the initial consultation  
  • Addition of new training videos and content as required by your team and operations
  • Training certificates which prove receipt of GDPR training, or pass/fail and performance in GDPR optional exam

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